Tuesday, January 13, 2015

legacy and hope for the future

my father died on january 1st

this is the speech i gave at the prayer service

*I'm not grieving for the loss of my father.
I'm not sad that he is gone.
My father was a stranger to me.
And I was a stranger to him.
I decided early on to follow a different path.
I guess you could say that I longed for something I didn't have.
I took it all in and purposed to not make the mistakes with my precious family that my father had made with his.

I chose the narrow path that leads to life.
I decided to follow Jesus.
I gave Him my life, my  marriage, and my family.
It hasn't always been an easy road and I've made my share of mistakes along the way.
But I never lost my purpose and my focus.
What it has been is a road of peace and love and forgiveness, if not in my extended family, then for sure in my immediate family.
I have learned so much in this life, but it is a journey and I am not finished learning yet.

I don't want to speak negative words today.
The past is gone.
We have this moment.  Right now.
To make a decision that will not only transform your life, but the lives of those around you.
I've prayed for the salvation of my extended family members for so long. And I will never stop praying and hoping.

I've watched a brother die and not have an assurance that he heard our death bed pleas for him to give his heart to Jesus.

I've watched another brother come to accept the truth after a lifetime of searching for what was missing.  And I've also watched him not fully embrace all that is offered or required of him, until now.

I've watched other siblings struggle through life without direction.  Trying to fill the emptiness with everything else the world has to offer.  Just trying to find the validation of their worth, even if it meant demeaning anothers worth.

And now I watch the next generation go through the same struggles.
It makes me sad to think of their pain, but I know that Jesus is right here.
Waiting patiently for them.
My prayer and hope for all of my family is for them to realize that this is about eternity.
This is about forever.
Our time here is so short.
What a blessing it is when God allows you to get a taste of the peace and joy He has in store for us all.
It is possible.  It is our choice.
We can choose to acknowledge our need of a father.  A father who won't ever fail us.  A father who loves us unconditionally,  walks beside us each and every day of our lives, and has prepared a place for us, with Him, forever.

Just take His hand and let Him lead you.

As for my father, I may have had a sign.
A glimmer of hope in his forever story.
A week before he died I received a text  and this is what it said:
priest came in yesterday and dad had confession and communion.  He talked to the priest for a long time.  He has seemed more at peace since the visit.
As I read this text to Jeff, a music box sitting up on the shelf began to play.  The song was Oh Holy Night
Long lay the world, in sin and error, pining, till He appeared and the soul felt its worth.

I have a hope that Jesus appeared to my father and that he ran into His arms

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

merry christmas!

i think i'm gonna need a bigger sofa

i've got big plans to start blogging with meaning in the new year.  i really miss it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

holy moly its december!

it's december.


ok, calm down.  its just december.  just the beginning of winter. really,
except we've already had approximately 32 inches of snow so far in 3 significant  storms.

i'm online quite a bit but its mostly pinterest.  you see....i'm kind of an addict!  i'm addicted to pinning and doing.  oh well.

i'm also addicted to five little boys, and most of those pins are things for them.  i just made peppermint play doh!!!  yeah.

so thats why i don't blog so much.  i really want to, i'm just all over the place and scattered in my thoughts.  so i can't seem to get anything out.

i'm going to shoot for the new year.  i'm gonna make a plan.


we'll see!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

on being a weirdo

i love autumn.  i hate autumn. the colors, the leaves falling and skipping across the yard. pumpkins make me smile, and apples.  who doesn't love apples?!!!!

...............then there is halloween.  i dread the couple of weeks leading up to it.  halloween,  is an example of seemingly harmless herd mentality.

most of us were raised with participation in halloween activities being the norm.  everyone did it.  if you didn't, then you were some religious, kill-joy weirdo.

.......guess what?

i became that weirdo.

midway through my childrens childhood i became convicted about halloween having absolutely NO redeeming qualities.  i became convicted that i was doing the wrong thing by allowing or encouraging my family to participate in such a dark holiday.

so.......i pulled the plug.  it wasn't easy, but my kids respected my parental authority and knew that i always had their best interest at heart.  besides, they just wanted candy.  and candy may be bad for your body, but it's not bad for your soul!

like i said, i love fall!  i love celebrating the harvest, the glorious colors, and the last hurrah before we go into winter.  apple picking, corn mazes, hayrides to the pumpkin patch--all okay!

however, halloween somewhat mars it for me.  everywhere i turn i am bombarded by the images that represent halloween.  the scary, dark images:  graves, skeletons, witches, severed body parts, etc...

then there are the haunted houses such as "fright at the fort" in prospect maine and towns immersing themselves in this occultness such as bucksport maine's "ghostport day". as a christian trying to walk in the way that i should, these things are abhorrent to me!  yet i am surrounded by christians and non christians alike who still believe that it is "harmless fun"

..........and then there are the wiccans and satanists............they rejoice because this is their celebration and we are going right along with them.  celebrating right alongside them.


.............except me.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

a boy who loves little einsteins!

our grandson recently celebrated his 3rd birthday and the theme was
Little Einsteins, his favorite cartoon.

bubby and grampa created the red rocket cake for him

we had fun making it!

meghan drew the rocket, grampa cut it out then meghan painted it
everyone had fun "pretending"  and getting their pics taken

lots of cupcakes!

meghan set up a musical activity center

other activities were water fun, sandbox, and just all around playing!!!!

for decorations there were balloons and colorful musical notes all over

joe had an awesome day!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

the truth about being a mom & wife

we have all heard these sayings over the years, and now they are pinned like crazy on pinterest.  personally i think the proliferation of these ideas is causing a lot stress and feelings of being overwhelmed in the young mothers of today.

here are a few examples:

I am not talking about having a spotless, museum quality home.  I'm talking about getting organized and making an attempt every day to keep the chaos under control.  I'm talking about making sure that your priorities each day, in addition to loving on and giving your baby/children attention, also include making sure your family has clean clothes, a clean & safe environment to play in, and at least three good meals a day.  This includes making sure your husband also has what he needs in order to go out into the world and provide for his family.  

**note:  if you are a full-time dual income family then disregard this message :)

Living in a house where just finding a clean dish or your shoes or the floor becomes an adventure is not fun.  it will overwhelm you and make you and your family unhappy.  while you think you are "making memories" instead of cleaning, all your kids will remember was how stressed out and overwhelmed mom was every morning or evening.  they will remember the yelling. they will remember the confusion and the stress.

so my advice is to disregard all of these modern messages.  THESE ARE LIES PERPETUATED BY LAZY PEOPLE!!!!!  never before in history have women left their housework undone and meals unplanned and given their children 100% attention all. day. long.   modern women, who have all of the modern advantages such as washer and dryers, crockpots and microwaves, still don't seem to be able to get their stuff done each day.  why?!!  Because they believe that its okay not to do their chores!!!!  and just play.

the following is a summary of a typical farm womans day around 1900
  This is a vague, general idea of how I spend my time; my work is so varied that it would be difficult, indeed, to describe a typical day's work.
Any bright morning in the latter part of May I am out of bed at four o'clock; next, after I have dressed and combed my hair, I start a fire in the kitchen stove, and while the stove is getting hot I go to my flower garden and gather a choice, half-blown rose and a spray of bride's wreath, and arrange them in my hair, and sweep the floors and then cook breakfast.
While the other members of the family are eating breakfast I strain away the morning's milk (for my husband milks the cows while I get breakfast), and fill my husband's dinner pail, for he will go to work on our other farm for the day.
By this time it is half-past five o'clock, my husband is gone to his work, and the stock loudly pleading to be turned into the pastures. The younger cattle, a half-dozen steers, are left in the pasture at night, and I now drive the two cows, a half-quarter mile and turn them in with the others, come back, and then there's a horse in the barn that be­longs in a field where there is no water, which I take to a spring quite a distance from the barn; bring it back and turn it into a field with the sheep, a dozen in number, which are housed at night.
The young calves are then turned out into the warm sunshine, and the stock hogs, which are kept in a pen, are clamoring for feed, and I carry a pailful of swill to them, and hasten to the house and turn out the chickens and put out feed and water for them, and it is, perhaps, 6.30 A..M.
I have not eaten breakfast yet, but that can wait; I make the beds next and straighten things up in the living room, for I dislike to have the early morning caller find my house topsy-turvy. When this is done I go to the kitchen, which also serves as a dining-room, and uncover the table, and take a mouthful of food occasionally as I pass to and fro at my work until my appetite is appeased.
By the time the work is done in the kitchen it is about 7.15 A. M., and the cool morning hours have flown, and no hoeing done in the garden yet, and the children's toilet has to be attended to and churning has to be done.
Finally the children are washed and churning done, and it is eight o'clock, and the sun getting hot, but no matter, weeds die quickly when cut down in the heat of the day, and I use the hoe to a good advantage until the din­ner hour, which is 11.30 A. M. We come in, and I comb my hair, and put fresh flowers in it, and eat a cold dinner, put out feed and water for the chickens; set a hen, perhaps, sweep the floors again; sit down and rest, and read a few moments, and it is nearly one 0' clock, and I sweep the door yard while I am waiting for the clock to strike the hour.
Harvesting wheat, 1915
I make and sow a flower bed, dig around some shrubbery, and go back to the garden to hoe until time to do the chores at night, but ere long some hogs come up to the back gate, through the wheat field, and when I go to see what is wrong I find that the cows have torn the fence down, and they, too, are in the wheat field.
With much difficulty I get them back into their own domain and repair the fence. I hoe in the garden till four o'clock; then I go into the house and get supper, and prepare some­thing for the dinner pail to-morrow; when supper is all ready it is set aside, and I pull a few hundred plants of tomato, sweet potato or cabbage for transplanting, set them in a cool, moist place where they will not wilt, and I then go after the horse, water him, and put him in the barn; call the sheep and house them, and go after the cows and milk them, feed the hogs, put down hay for three horses, and put oats and corn in their troughs, and set those plants and come in and fasten up the chickens, and it is dark. By this time it is 8 o'clock P. M.; my husband has come home, and we are eating supper; when we are through eating I make the beds ready, and the children and their father go to bed, and I wash the dishes and get things in shape to get breakfast quickly next morning.
It is now about 9 o'clock P. M., and after a short prayer I retire for the night."

i'm pretty sure that modern housewives should be able to learn a thing or two from their great-grandmothers.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


you would think that the current generation of mothers just invented it. i find it amusing that the generations that don't stay home with their babies are the ones that are so militant about breastfeeding them.  but that's not my main gripe with them.  my main gripe is their lack of modesty and their pride about their lack of modesty.

latch ons.  what?  where groups of women meet in public places to breast feed in unison.  who has time for that?

if moms were modest about their feeding then no one would have a problem with you feeding in public.  the problem lies with those breastfeeding moms who want to flash their nipples around in front of everyone.  not appropriate behavior in any situation.

it is totally possible to breastfeed your baby while keeping your chest covered.  you don't have to use a nursing cover.  just wear appropriate clothing and don't bare yourself to everyone!

very few people have a problem with breastfeeding moms in public.  we do have a problem with exhibitionism when it comes to feeding your baby.

whew!  glad i got that off of my chest (no pun intended)